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Swapo CC to deliberate on same-sex marriage ruling

The Swapo Party Central Committee is expected to convene to discuss the Supreme Court ruling that recognises same-sex marriages concluded outside Namibia.

In a statement issued on Tuesday, Swapo’s Secretary for Information and Mobilisation, Hilma Nicanor, said the meeting will discuss the various concerns raised by its members, structures, supporters and the general public.

Nicanor said the ruling, its implications and its impact on society as a whole warranted consideration of the range of available and legally viable statutory remedial action that could potentially be taken.

“I wish to reassure our members, sympathisers and supporters, and the public, that the Swapo Party takes the public’s concerns, anxiety and unhappiness seriously. As such, the party will do everything it is able to do in accordance with the constitutional and legal requirements to find a long-lasting and acceptable solution,” she said.

Nicanor however did not specify when the meeting of the central committee would take place.

The Supreme Court last month ruled that same-sex marriages concluded outside of Namibia are recognised as valid in the country. The ruling has been met with mixed reactions in Namibia, with some strongly opposing it, while others welcomed it as a step forward for equality.

Source: The Namibian Press Agency