Firm unveils virtual learning campus for oil, gas professionals

Ambong Energy has set up the Ambong Global Online Campus (aGOC©), an innovation, to assist the oil and gas professionals in learning to keep up with changes in the sector.

The aGOC© will deliver worldwide online courses that are innovative and future proof with the latest technologies and new approaches to the energy, oil and gas sectors.

Mr John Nwosu, the Managing Director, Ambong Energy, on Sunday said as the world moved in a never-ending and rapid evolution, fast training became more important for oil and gas professionals to be abreast with changes.

Nwosu, in a statement by David Bruce, Media Services Consultant to Ambong Energy, said the company established the virtual learning campus in response to constant changes, following years of research and development.

According to him, it is an innovation that puts the visionary company ahead of the rest.

“Ambong already has a unique track record in services and the delivery of technology and manpower to the industry: through an innovative capacity building programme for African youths.

“This provides a pathway to indigenous young people to get a foothold in the Energy industries,’’ he said.

Nwosu said it was achieved through diverse educational and industry partnerships as well as critical support from the Nigeria government local content organisation.

He, however, said Ambong was not just a training organisation but an innovator in the development of vital human resources.

Nwosu said track record and expertise gained by decades of experience in service, technical and business aspects of the oil and gas industry, gave the organisation an edge.

“This means that the essential skills, technologies and new developments are covered in all its courses,’’ he added.

Nwosu noted that the company had tracked trends in energy, oil and gas sectors and offered unique but necessary developments, covering major areas of change such as sustainability and better environmental protection.

He listed others as social responsibility and inclusive employment and training, digitalisation and digital transformation, massive pressure and demand for better productivity, maximum returns from every operation project and enhanced safety and environmental protection.

Nwosu said these drivers were incorporated into the Ambong conventional courses but specially were covered in its latest programmes about to be unveiled from the aGOC.

He said that the company, after years of innovation, is now opening up new doors for people worldwide; through innovative online courses that could meet the challenging needs of the energy, oil, gas and mining sectors.

Source: News Agency of Nigeria