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Ethiopia, Russia Have Similar or Very Close Positions, Good Tradition of Mutual Cooperation: Ambassador Terekhin

The positions of Ethiopia and Russia on different problems are either similar or very close to each other, and we have a good tradition of mutual cooperation and support at the global arena, Ambassador Terekhin said.

Russian Ambassador to Ethiopia, Evgeny Terekhin told ENA that the position of the countries “on different problems of the contemporary world are either similar or very close to each other. (And) we have a good tradition of mutual cooperation and mutual support on different issues in this global organization.”

He recalled the support Russia extended to Ethiopia in the Security Council of the United Nations and the balanced and restrained position of Ethiopia when different anti-Russian draft proposals were put forward on the arena of the United Nations.

“I am sure that we will proceed in the same manner in the future, and even strengthen our cooperation in this regard,” he added.

Speaking on regional issues, the ambassador noted that the situation around the Horn of Africa “is really very complicated and very disturbing to us.”

Ambassador Terekhin added that unfortunately the region is far from being called pacified. As soon as one problem is solved, another problem emerges.

“We (therefore) highly esteem Ethiopia’s role in the Horn of Africa region since Ethiopia is a certain kind of nucleus state of the region.”

According to him, if trouble emerges in Ethiopia it impacts the whole region and vice versa. If Ethiopia reaches some successes and good results, it is working for the whole region or the Horn of Africa.

Hence “we wish our Ethiopian friends new results and successes in different fields, especially in peace building and economy as well as the humanitarian sphere.”

The ambassador stated that Russia opposes any attempts of interference into the internal affairs of Ethiopia or any other African country. “We strongly support the African Union principle: African solutions for African problems.”

Further commenting on the wonderful relations between the two countries, Ambassador Terekhin stressed that the relations between the governments and the peoples are based on cordial friendship, mutual trust, coexistence, and mutual help in times of troubles and difficulties.

He also noted that the two countries have a lot of opportunities to cooperate in many spheres, including economic cooperation and investment, among others.

Ambassador Terekhin finally said “I am sure that we will overcome any problems, any hardships and build very strong economic cooperation for the benefit of our two countries and the peoples of our countries.”

Source: Ethiopian News Agency